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Lumivive System

$ 212.00 $ 265.00

We've been touting the benefits of SkinMedica products for years, and the company has just released its latest product. It's considered such a big breakthrough that SkinMedica believes it will be as popular as Botox! Lumivive is a two-product system specifically designed to protect skin against the harmful effects of blue light (think smartphones, tablets, computers) and other environmental pollution. Purchase the system between now and the end of February and receive 20% off.




The LUMIVIVE™ System is designed to provide a bio-barrier against blue light and other environmental aggressors from damaging skin during the day and recharges the skin's essential repair process at night. These products are clinically proven to work together to improve the appearance of skin tone evenness including redness and helps restore stressed skin resulting in a more luminous complexion.

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