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Do you have oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, red skin, or itchy skin? Maybe you're interested in getting rid of acne or anti aging? Every patient's skin care concerns are unique. In our skin care clinic we see it all. The most common skin care challenges our clients deal with, and some perspectives on the best skin care treatments are outlined below.

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Dry Skin - Is your skin dry?

Dry Skin Skin Care
When the skin’s protective fatty oils are stripped away you're left with dry skin. "Chasing" the problem with too much moisturizer, too frequently exacerbates the problem. Instead apply a good moisturizer, sparingly, to a damp face and use a non-stripping dry skin cleanser. If you have severe dry skin make sure all you skin care products are formulated for dry skin. See all dry skin care products.

Skin Care for Men - It is easy to look your best guys.

Skin care for men
You've probably been doing a pretty good job. You haven't overloaded your skin with makeup and skin care products. Now your skin needs a little TLC and a periodic wake-up call. Keep it simple with 302's Face and Body Bar and intersperse Oraia for some extra punch (a 6 week cycle once a quarter or so). Want to get a little fancier? Add in a great moisturizer, an eye cream, and lip care. See some our favorite men's skin care products.

Acne - How do you get rid of acne? Have oily acne prone skin?

Acne Skin Care
When sebum (oil) that normally drains to the surface is blocked, bacteria can grow and lead to blemishes (e.g., acne, blackheads). Topical treatments can be effective treatments for acne outbreaks, but you must be careful not to dry and irritate sensitive skin. A gentle cleansing routine complemented with the right products can get skin clear and minimize acne scarring [acne scars]. See all acne skin care products.

Eye Cream - Aging eyes? Dark circles? What are the best products?

Eye Cream Skin Care
The eyes are the window to our souls and, unfortunately, their thin skin shows signs of aging early. What to do? The goal with eye skin care is to plump, firm, and smooth the eye's delicate skin. Being able to sustain these results throughout the day, and build a foundation for constant improvement, is what makes the best eye cream. A constant favorite of our patients at Remedy is Youth Eye Complex by iS Clinical. See all eye skin care products.

Sensitive Skin - Is your skin sensitive?

Sensitive Skin Skin Care
Is your skin sensitive? Skin care for sensitive skin should avoid essential oils, fragrances or dyes. 302 has developed a complete line of essential oil (fragrance) free skin care products (the "302 Rx" line) including acne, anti aging, moisturizers, cleansers, ointments, and rosacea skin care products. Even our clients with extremely sensitive skin have benefited significantly from these great products. See all sensitive skin care products.

Oily Skin - Is your skin oily?

Oily Skin Skin Care
Oily skin is a common complaint and people with oily skin face some unique challenges. Don’t exacerbate the problem with harsh cleansers and toners—these can cause the skin to “fight” your efforts and overproduce fatty oils. Use high-quality cleansers and toners, don’t skimp on your moisturizer, and use mineral powder sunscreens (gels and lotions can make the skin appear oily). See all oily skin care products.

Anti aging - What is the best skin care anti aging product?

Reg - Anti aging
Is there a miracle anti aging crème? We wish. Aging skin looses its elasticity (elastin) and structural integrity (collagen), sun spots on skin and skin pigmentation develop, and skin wrinkles become more visible as we lose fat stores. The plan for aging skin: attack pigmentation, minimize lines and wrinkles, plump with moisturizers, and protect with sunscreen. Read about one of our favorites, Oraia Anti-Aging Complex, and see all anti aging skin care products.

Talia Emery, M.D.

Skin concern: "Full-time mom and full-time doctor. A busy schedule with a virtual endless supply of products to test and try."

My pick: "I've tried all our lines and we wouldn't carry them if I didn't believe in them. One of my favorites has always been the Alpha Beta Pads by MD Skincare. They keep my skin feeling and looking fresh."
See all of Dr. Emery's favorite skin care products


Laqueta Gajewski, R.N.

Skin concern: "Anti-aging, busy work schedule between Beverly Hills and Westlake Village, I have to look the part!"

My pick: "302 Drops. If I have time to talk about one products, this is it. They moisturize and normalize aging skin. They work and they work quickly."
See all of Laqueta's favorite skin care products

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Automated Skin Analysis Tool

Automated Skin Care Analysis Tool

Would it be helpful to have a tool that helps guide you towards the best skin care products for your specific skin care challenges and skin care concerns? Based on our knowledge of skin care needs, our familiarity with the skin care products, and our experience helping guide patients at our skin care clinic, we are developing a tool to do just that. This new tool aims to mimic how we would do a skin care consultation in our clinic. Answer a series of questions and see what our needs analysis suggests. Coming soon.